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You have read the story about Stellaluna.  She became lost from her mother when she was a baby.  She did not get a chance to learn about who she was. Stellaluna felt very sad because she was not like her bird friends. Stellaluna was a very unique animal with special gifts: a bat.

Your job is to help Stellaluna learn more about being a bat. It will be your job to learn some facts about bats.  You will then help teach Stellaluna and others about the special qualities of being a bat.



  Task - What is my job?

You will complete the worksheet on bats using the websites linked under resources and books in the classroom.
You will make a fact web about bats.
You will write a letter to Stellaluna telling her what you learned about bats.



  Process - How will I do this?

1.  Print the worksheet or get a copy from your
2.  Use the resources to answer the questions.
3.  Use the information you learned to make a fact
     web about bats.
4.  Use what you now know about bats to write a
     letter to Stellaluna.
5.  Use the rubric to evaluate your letter.
6.  Revise and edit your letter.
7.  Type a final copy of your letter using a
8.  Upload your letter to a computer and then
     format and print.



  Evaluation - How can I tell if I'm finished?

Use the rubric to evaluate your letter.



  Conclusion - Final thoughts

Stellaluna wants to thank you for writing her the letter.  She feels a lot better about herself now that you have told her so many facts and special things about bats.

If you want to learn more about bats or want to visit some other bat sites, here are some for you to enjoy:

  Bat 4 Kids

Research Sites for Bats

All About Bats

Organization for Bat Conservation: Kid's Page

Incredible Bats




Donna Bronzan 2002
Clipart on this page from DJ Inkers Diane J. Hook, "All Thru the Year"