Exploring Parks
with Ranger Dockett

by Alice K. Flanagan



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Teacher Read Aloud: "A Moose in the Bathroom"
Have you ever had a moose in your bathroom?  Could it happen in Visalia?  It can happen if you are a park ranger in a wilderness area!  Click on the links at left to find out some interesting facts about Maine, and about moose - where they live, how big they are, and how they behave.
There are different kinds of rangers. Ranger Dockett is an urban ranger - he works in a park in a large city.  Use the link at the left to meet another ranger - a State Park ranger in Wisconsin. He works in a State park, outside the city in a wilderness area.
How is Ranger Dan's job the same, and how is it different from a Ranger Dockett? How does a park ranger's job change as the seasons change? Use the links at the left to see what Ranger Dan does in a typical day at his State Park.
Do you think you would like to be a park ranger?  An interested student asked Ranger Dan how she could become a park ranger.  Use the link at the left to see his answer.
You can't be a park ranger when you are in second grade.  But you can be a WebRanger.  Visit this National Park Service website. Follow the on-screen instructions;  choose level one. Take the Internet tours to become a WebRanger.
Have you ever been on a bird-watching walk? Here is more information about birding in Central Park.
Ranger Dockett shows students the statues in Central Park.  When you click on the link at the left you will see some different statues.  Do you recognize them?  Do you know where they are located?  Have you been to these parks?
Ranger Dockett plants trees because they are important.  Click on the Terrific Trees link to learn why trees are important.
If you had your own park, what rules would you make to keep it a clean and safe place to visit?  Use this template to make a Rules Poster for your park.  Choose "Open"
Review the vocabulary words for this story; take a field trip on the Internet:
eGlossary, eWord Game, and Web Field Trip

Listen to the recorded story:
Second Grade Listening Center

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